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Dolce Art founder, Xiomara, was born in Caracas Venezuela and from an early age showed great passion for creativity and art. That passion is more alive than ever as she shines through her new cake business.

In her early adult life Xiomara obtained a degree in Finance and after her prominent professional career, she also earned a diploma as a Fashion Designer. Her busy life as a corporate advisor left her with little time for her passion (for a while). After 3 years in the USA, she decided turn her passion into a her new profession as a cake-maker. She founded Xioma's Cakes in 2005 in Houston,TX. She not only sold cakes, but cupcakes, cookies jellos and more. She also to taught cake decoration classes, inspiring others to open their own businesses. Now with the new name "Dolce Art" she is once again back to show her talent in this competitive baking world to offer a extended range creative design and outstanding flavors. You will be amazed when you meet her enthusiastic personality through her testing studio by personalized appointments. 


The Dolce Art mission is to satisfy the exquisite and refined style of those that are looking for a piece of eatable art; meanwhile delighting their tastebuds with great flavors in order to make special memories no matter what size the event.

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